Our willingness to engage in risk peaks at 50

People are willing to engage in risk the most when they reach the age of.

Brain forms ‘complementary’ afterimage after eyes stop seeing

Our brain forms ‘complementary’ afterimage after eyes stop looking at objects, Japanese researchers say

Why some people enjoy ‘Harry Potter’ more than others

A new study has found that people experience fantasy differently, which explains why some people.

Your body posture affects how you make decisions

Surreptitiously manipulating the tilt of the body influences people’s estimates of quantities, such as sizes,.

How to beat winter depression

Winter is almost here. While for some it’s their favourite part of the year –.

If restriction is definite, people find way to live with it

Everything from unrequited love to the uprisings of the Arab earlier this year could be.

Why women score lower in technical aptitude tests

Boys are more interested in technical things as compared to girls, which is the root.

Mindfulness is the best antidote to stress

The best antidote to stress is mindfulness, existing in the here and now, not in.

Thinking may not help resist temptation of sweets, beer or sexy women

Don’t stop and think if you among those trying to resist temptation of sweets, beer.

How active reindeers keep cool in Arctic winter

Scientists have discovered how heavily insulated reindeer prevent themselves from overheating and how Rudolph the.