Practice necessary, but not enough to master chess

There is a theory in psychology that the more you practice; the better you’ll do.

Over-narcissistic people may be hiding low self-esteem

People with narcissistic personalities may seem to love themselves, but a new study has suggested.

Inborn abilities and capacities largely determine one’s success

Malcolm Gladwell’s bestseller book Outliers argued that given a certain level of intelligence and a.

How pressure could ruin athletes’ performance

A winning or losing moment can make some athletes choke due to pressure or ruin.

High to moderate levels of stress ups mortality risk by 50 pc

Men who experience persistently moderate or high levels of stressful life events over a number.

Passing moods can influence ‘rational decisions’

A new study has claimed that passing moods and deeply embedded human impulses can influence.

Older really does mean wiser

The brains of old people are slower, but wiser which help them achieve a level.

Watching another being caressed acts as turn-on

Humans love and enjoy sensual caresses but the brain reacts just as powerfully to seeing.

Identifying with car prompts aggressive driving

Those who view their car as an extension of themselves seem to develop more aggressive.

Our willpower depends on blood sugar levels, claims new book

A new book has suggested that our levels of willpower are directly linked to our.