Diet variation may lower gut bacteria diversity

A rainbow of dishes may satiate your taste buds but they may lower the diversity.

Cow manure has new antibiotic resistance genes: Study

In a path-breaking research, scientists in the US have found that cow manure is a.

How flesh-eating bacteria exploded into epidemic

A strain of flesh-eating group may affect you in various ways – some of them.

Gut bacteria linked to alcoholic liver disease

Why is that the severity of alcoholic liver disease (ALD) is not equal in all.

Large-scale study of preventive antibiotic usage against Lyme disease

At the start of the “Tick Week”, the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and.

There’s medicinal value in stools

A new therapy using donated human stool can treat deadly and

Antibiotics may be behind spread of superbug MRSA

Overuse of antibiotics is behind the spread of the superbug MRSA,

26 species of gut bacteria linked to obesity and metabolic syndrome identified

University of Maryland researchers have identified 26 species of bacteria in the human gut microbiota.

`Friendly` tummy bugs could be key to long and healthy life in elderly

Trillions of “friendly bacteria” that live in the guts of 60-plus people could hold the.

Scientists discover E coli’s Achilles heel

Researchers have identified E. coli’s Achilles heel – a molecule’s previously unknown role in