Arsenic-friendly bacteria discovery in Mono Lake refuted

Researchers have claimed that the finding by a young researcher in 2010 about bacteria in.

UTI causing bacteria `steal` copper from host to defend themselves

Researchers, including one of Indian origin, have found that urinary tract infection causing bacteria “know”.

How virus power kills Red Sea corals

Researchers have found the secret behind how bacteria bleaches and kills corals

Gut bacteria aids or kills worms depending on chance

Living in the guts of worms are seemingly innocuous bacteria that contribute to their survival

Baking soda helps alleviate symptoms of Cystic fibrosis

Scientists have shed light on why people with cystic fibrosis are particularly vulnerable to lung.

Milk fats `may alter gut bacteria responsible for bowel diseases`

Diet high in saturated milk fats, which is present in many processed foods, may allow.

Soon, bacteria-powered light may illuminate your house

A leading electronic company has come up with a more greener and power-efficient lighting system,.

New ‘super’ yeast turns pine into ethanol

A “super strain” of yeast developed by researchers at the University of Georgia can efficiently.

Revolutionary new method stops deadly ‘superbugs’ in its tracks

In a new study, researchers claim to have developed a new and faster method to.

Nutrition-starved bugs become resistant to antibiotics

Bugs starved of nutrition during infection become resistant to nearly every type of antibiotics, even.