blindness treatment
Visual restoration may never be complete in long-term blindness

Surgery cannot completely undo the brain rewiring caused by long-term blindness, finds a study.

Gene linked to profound vision loss discovered

An exhaustive hereditary analysis of a large Louisiana family with vision issues has revealed a.

Discovery of mutated gene in dogs could help treat blindness

A Finnish-North American collaboration of scientists at Michigan State University and the University of Helsinki

Micro sensor to detect glaucoma before attack

Your eye could someday house its own high-tech information center, tracking important changes and letting.

Scientists devise easier test for blindness

Scientists have demonstrated a quick, accurate test for one of the

Trifocal lens implants renders glasses unnecessary

A revolutionary new trifocal lens, implanted after cataract surgery

Can video games help people with cataract?

Playing video games could improve the vision of people born with cataracts, a new research.

Astonishing bionic enables blind to see

Limited trials of a bionic eye that could restore sight to the blind have produced.

Terminator-Style contact lens comes closer to reality

Scientists at the University of Washington and Aalto University, Finland, have developed a prototype contact.

How we see family resemblance in faces

A new study has shed light on our ability to identify members of a family.