Backup plans may discourage individuals from achieving goals

Making a backup plan while performing a task can reduce the chances of successfully achieving.

Depression in parents, grandparents bad for kids

Children whose parents and grandparents are suffering from depression are at a higher risk of.

India’s first ‘Harlequin Baby’ born in Nagpur

In what is described as the country’s first, a female infant with a severe genetic.

sleeping kid
Diet deeply affects your sleep quality

An individual’s caloric intake and body weight can deeply influence the time spent in specific.

Sleep-deprived brain can put you at risk

Sleep deprivation hampers our ability to accurately read facial expressions and can put us at.

Workshop for kids undergoing cancer treatment

The Delhi Metro museum on Thursday organised a workshop for children undergoing treatment for cancer

Scientists develop new ways for larger scale gene function studies in zebrafish

A relatively new method of targeting specific DNA sequences in zebrafish could dramatically accelerate the.

Smart Insulin: turned on when blood sugar levels are too high

For patients with diabetes, insulin is critical to maintaining good health and normal blood-sugar levels.

Endangered cave-dwelling fish species discovered in Brazil

Brazilian researchers have found a new species of endangered cave-dwelling fish that is threatened by.

Bacterial DNA from the Black Death found in teeth

Remnants of the genetic makeup of plague bacteria have been found in thousands of victims.