Added fructose driving the rise in diabetics

Consumption of foods and beverages containing added sugars, particularly added fructose, is a major factor.

‘Feeding and fasting’ hormone can improve insulin action

A researcher has found that adropin, a hormone that regulates whether the body burns fat.

App to offer real-time sun protection advice

If your job requires you to stay outdoors for long, having this app on your.

Talk to nurse to ease pain, anxiety during surgery

Simple distraction techniques, such as talking to a nurse, watching a DVD or using stress.

Craigslist hookups behind rise in HIV: Study

Entry of the popular website Craigslist in a community is linked to 16 percent increase.

Precision medicine NIH
Obama details initiative to cure cancer, diabetes

US President Barack Obama Friday unveiled the details of a bold new research effort, which.

HIV may stay hidden in ‘quiet’ immune cells

In what could lead to a cure for HIV, researchers have found that the human.

syk signaling B Cells
Scientists show mature B cells can survive without the tyrosine kinase Syk.

B lymphocytes are an integral part of our adaptive immune system and their development and.

Daily drinking ups risk of alcoholic cirrhosis

Investigators have now established that alcohol drinking pattern has a significant influence on the risk.

Morphine after childhood surgery may be life threatening

Treating post-operative pain with morphine can cause life threatening respiratory problems in some children who.