cell immunity environment
Environment not genes decides immunity as we age

After studying twins, researchers from Stanford University show that our environment, more than our heredity

depressed women
Depression risk if mood disorders during pregnancy

A study has found that women who experienced mood disorders during pregnancy may be at.

Engineers create a temporary tattoo for painless sugar monitoring 

Nanoengineers at the University of California, San Diego have tested a temporary tattoo that both.

giant kangaroo DNA
Scientists extract DNA from extinct giant Kangaroos

Scientists have finally managed to extract DNA from Australia’s extinct giant kangaroos ? the mysterious.

Gene linked to profound vision loss discovered

An exhaustive hereditary analysis of a large Louisiana family with vision issues has revealed a.

Genetic mutations can’t explain asthma

Despite a strong suspected link between genetics and asthma, genetic mutations account for only a.

Night Shift Work
Soon Pills to adjust night-shift workers’ body clock

What if a pill could help adjust your internal body clock to night shifts or.

legless, snake like new species
New legless, snake-like amphibian discovered in Cambodia

Scientists have discovered a new species of legless amphibian in Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains

designer vagina
Designer Vaginas: No clear link between porn and Labiaplasty

Preliminary research into the relationship between pornography and genital satisfaction has found women are generally.

AIIMS, JNU to jointly launch journal on cardiovascular sciences

In a bid to bridge the gap between practical and theoretical aspects of cardiovascular sciences,.