Patients across Europe to get improved access to pain medicines

Governments in 12 European countries are to implement the recommendations of research into why more.

HIV Patients in Deep South Have Lower Survival Rates

The southern U.S. had the nation’s lowest five-year survival rate among those diagnosed with HIV.

Women’s body image linked to male thought process

A woman’s image of her body is strongly linked to her perception of what she.

Higher sense of autonomy make toddlers smarter

Children with a higher sense of autonomy are likely to possess stronger mental skills

Napping boosts infants’ memory

While babies devote the majority of their time to sleeping, researchers have now found that.

Teams better than individuals at intelligence analysis

When it comes to predicting important world events, teams do a better job than individuals.

Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone district remains Ebola-free for 44 days

Pujehun district in the southern region of Sierra Leone has gone without a single case.

Two afflicted with H7N9 bird flu strain in China

Two new confirmed cases of humans infected by the H7N9 strain of bird flu was.

crime against women
Some youngsters will rape if nobody would know: Study

A shocking study in the US has revealed that one-third of college-going youngsters might rape

e-Learning can create more health professionals

Electronic learning – the use of electronic media and devices in education