Sex addiction to be formally recognised as a psychiatric disorder

Sex addiction is about to become formally recognised as a psychiatric illness

New test may be more accurate in identifying STI

A recent study has found that a new test may be more accurate in identifying.

Homeless kids’ use of social networking can up risky sex behaviour

A study has shown that the use of social networking in homeless children can increase.

NSAID use linked to increased risk of erectile dysfunction

Scientists have discovered that men who take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs 3 times a day

Botox ‘may help women with vaginal spasms that prevent them from having sex’

Botox treatments may help women who suffer from vaginal muscle spasms, says an expert.

First romantic kiss more memorable than losing your virginity

Be it behind the bike sheds or at the school disco, you are more likely.

Free web-based ordering of home test kits for STIs proves effective with youth

A new Johns Hopkins research has found that screening teens and young adults for sexually.

Men like wet kisses while women want to keep them long!

Men like to push to make kisses sloppier, while women want to keep them long,.

Chemicals in male swordtail urine drive females crazy for sex

The urine of male swordtails is full of pheromones that drive their female counterparts crazy.

Ancient Roman love was about sex, lust and death

While modern day definition of love includes sharing, caring and friendship, for ancient Roman lovers.