Kids in Scotland learn about sex from school rather than friends, family

A survey has found that more children in Scotland now get most of their information.

‘No scientific evidence’ of gay youth suicide epidemic

Ritch Savin-Williams, professor of developmental psychology and director of Cornell University’s Sex &

Sex in space is a bad idea, find Oz scientists

A new research has suggested that babies would not develop properly in outer space.

Men never forget sexy women’s sexual overtures even years after event

A new study suggests that college-aged men are very likely to remember a woman’s initial.

Why women like to cuddle after sex and men don’t

While it has always been known that women like to cuddle after sex and men.

Pharma companies ‘medicalising’ low-libido to boost sales of female ‘Viagra’

Drug companies are ‘medicalising’ sexual difficulty among women— such as low libido and discomfort—

Psychiatric disorders linked to risky sexual behaviour in adolescents

A new study has revealed that teens who experience the manic phase of bipolar disorder.

Rapidly freezing sperm offers fresh hope for IVF couples

Scientists have apparently found a new technique for rapidly freezing sperm that could be a.

Smoking could damage your fertility and your child”s

Here’s another reason for you to kick the butt – smoking may not just harm.

Avoiding sexual contact ”can worsen vulvovaginal pain”

A new study has found that male partners who are more supportive and concerned about.