Education more important than knowledge in preventing spread of HIV

A new study suggests that simply teaching people the facts about how to protect themselves.

Early exposure to porn ”ups STDs risk”

Pornography online is one of the worst evils of Internet today, and the easy access.

Girls who grow up with younger brothers ”remain virgins for longer”

A new research has found that women who grow up with a younger brother tend.

Sex is good for your brain

A study on rats has suggested that sex apparently can help the brain grow.

Maths lays bare sperms’ swimming secrets

Why do sperm cells move like tiny, surface-seeking missiles? Well, scientists in the UK may.

Cost-effective intervention program cuts HIV risk in female sex workers

A team of researchers has found that even a modest behavioural intervention program can measurably.

Taiwan surgeons explore effects of electricity on penises

A group of surgeons in Taiwan have been studying the effects of electricity on penises.

Narcissistic hetero men hostile towards hetero women, not lesbians

While heterosexual women are primary targets for hostility from narcissistic heterosexual men, gay men,

Cash reward with counselling may help fight STIs

Giving cash rewards along with counselling might prove effective in combating sexually transmitted

One third of women duck the truth when asked about ex-partners

When women are asked about the number of their partners, third of women dodge the.