Left-handed people have better sex

Are you a lefty? This news would get you off your feet as according to.

‘Love’ hormone to heat up your sex life!

Forget Viagra. High levels of ‘Love’ hormone oxytocin can ramp up your sex life like.

Free morning-after pills, condoms for British schoolgirls

Alarmed at the growing number of unwanted pregnancies in teenage British girls, the department of.

Having more sex makes people happy

People are generally happy when they have more sex, but thinking that they are having

Now, a black market for sperm in China

There is a thriving black market in China — for sperm. With the country’s

Penis size really matters to some women

Women who have frequent vaginal orgasms are likelier than

Sex differences in kicking the butt `relatively little`

Researchers have challenged an enduring belief that women were less successful than men in quitting.

5 or more cups of coffee per day cuts IVF success chance by 50 pc

Women who drink five or more cups of coffee a day severely reduce their chance.

Psychological support from partner boosts women’s postpartum sex drive

Psychological factors rather than physical ones drive a woman’s sexual desire in the postpartum period

Therapy boosts sexual function in sleep disorder patients

Men who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a sleep related breathing disorder, are seeing.