Hormonal contraception drives joy out of sex for women

Despite its known benefits and convenience, newer forms of hormonal contraception could hamper arousal, orgasms.

Men’s biological clock for fathering kids slows dramatically after 41

Experts have warned that the chances of fathering children after the age of 41 “decline.

Capacity to father kids drops with every year

The possibility of men siring children drops progressively every year, especially if they have stepped.

Couple conceives son while ”sexonomic” father was asleep!

A couple were amazed to find out that they had conceived while the husband, who.

Junk food can make healthy lads infertile

A new study has revealed that junk food can make healthy young men infertile by.

Men with disabilities ‘4 times more likely to be sexually abused’

Men with disabilities are more than four times more likely to be victimized by sexual.

Testosterone therapy can overcome male menopause

Male menopause seems like a downward spiral into hell with fatigue, depression, obesity, loss of.

Australia under STI epidemic as couples fail to practice safe sex

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are reaching epidemic levels in Australia, as more and more couples.

Women’s voices do not give men cues about ovulation timings

A new study has claimed that a woman’s voice does not give any reliable information.

Vaccination with liposomes may protect against AIDS before sex

Researchers have envisioned a new way for women to protect themselves from AIDS before sex:.