Kicking the butt could make men better lovers

Lighting up could be slowing men down in the bedroom, a new research has suggested

Indian-origin researcher’s website for teens seeking sexual health advice

An Indian-origin researcher has launched a website named ‘Ask A Doc RI’ to provide a.

Use of birth control pills alters memory

A new UC Irvine research has found that women who use contraceptives like birth control.

Role intoxication plays in some men who commit sexual aggression

A new study has been carried out to assess to which extent alcohol plays a.

More teens ‘get pregnant during spring break’

A new study has found that the conception rate in March among adolescents is higher.

Sex hormones drive your career choices

Did you know that your choice of career could be strongly influenced by your sex.

Postmenopausal smoking boosts sex hormone levels

Postmenopausal women who smoke have higher sex hormones levels than their non-smoking peers which are.

1,000 British teenagers hospitalised for sexual diseases

Around 1,000 British teenagers under 16 years have been treated in hospitals for sexually transmitted.

Men with erectile dysfunction have problem with orgasm, ejaculation

A new study has found that 65 percent of men with erectile dysfunction (ED) are.

Couples in long-term intimate relationships pick up each other’s unhealthy habits

While previous research links marriage with multiple health benefits, a new US research has suggested.