Contraceptive pills likely change brain’s functions

A new study has found that taking the hormonal contraceptives alter the way women recall.

Want great sex? Look for woman with hot pouting lips!

Women with bee-stung lips are more attracted to men and are more likely to achieve.

Men’s potency crashes when wives bond with male buddies

Middle-aged and older men find their potency comes crashing down when their wives or girlfriends.

Losing weight can boost sexual health of obese diabetic men

A new study has found that a modest weight loss could improve erectile function and.

Antioxidants ‘may help treat infertility in men and women’

A new study has suggested that antioxidants could play a key role in addressing infertility.

‘Male circumcision may cut HPV-linked penile precancerous lesions’

In Kenyan men, circumcision is associated with a lower prevalence of human papillomavirus-associated precancerous lesions.

Antioxidants boost sperm health

Antioxidants vitamin E and beta-carotene help maintain male fertility and offer the best protection against

The female body shape most men prefer

A new research has thrown up very interesting things about what body shape in women.

Couples report differences in sexual satisfaction over time

An international study has indicated that cuddling and caressing are important ingredients for long-term relationship.

Microsurgery boosts testosterone levels in men with varicoceles

Microsurgery can increase testosterone levels in men suffering from varicoceles, according to a new study.