Vowel sounds help to distinguish between gay, heterosexuals

A new study has suggested that the vowel sounds in an unfamiliar voice help identify.

Sunbathing gives men’s sperm counts a boost

A study has found that vitamin D, which is produced by the body when exposed.

Laser therapy new ‘gold standard for treating enlarged prostate

A new research has suggested that holmium laser therapy is a safe and durable treatment.

Cell phone use can wreck male fertility

Men — particularly those wishing to become fathers — risk wrecking their fertility if they.

Atheists’ sex lives better than believers’

Atheists enjoy much better sex lives than religious people who tend to be guilt-ridden during.

Sex partner exchange services running rampant on the net

Pornography is again running rampant on the Internet after partner-exchange services have started being provided.

”Mothers curse’ responsible for male infertility

A new study in fruit flies has found that genetic mutations in mitochondria, inherited from.

‘Cuddle chemical’ pill may help pregnant women curb post-natal depression

Researchers have found a possible way to curb pregnant women from suffering post-natal depression

Distance between scrotum and anus may predict men”s fertility

A new study has suggested that checking the distance between a man’s scrotum and anus.

Is your wife ”too tired” for sex? Blame her faster circadian rhythms

Women may be too tired for sex in the evenings because their circadian rhythms are.