sleeping kid
Diet deeply affects your sleep quality

An individual’s caloric intake and body weight can deeply influence the time spent in specific.

Sleep-deprived brain can put you at risk

Sleep deprivation hampers our ability to accurately read facial expressions and can put us at.

Night Shift Work
Soon Pills to adjust night-shift workers’ body clock

What if a pill could help adjust your internal body clock to night shifts or.

sleeping kid
Kids who sleep well do better in math

A good night’s sleep is linked to better performance in math and languages – subjects.

Poor sleep causes weight gain and susceptibility to diabetes

People who suffer breathing and heart rate abnormalities, called obstructive sleep apnea

e-readers not good for sleep

It would be a better idea to read paper books before sleeping as use of.

Social networking platform to help insomniacs

An expert from Loughborough University in Britain has developed a social network platform called ‘Sleepful’.

Understanding the sleep patterns of your child

If your infant is not sleeping through the night, it may not be a reason.

Workers sacrificing sleep for long hours: Study

A study has suggested that people are exchanging paid work with their sleeping time and.

Poor sleep linked to osteo-arthritis in cycle of distress

New research has confirmed that sleep disturbances are initially associated with depressive symptoms and pain