Beware of aromatherapy’s polluting effects

Beware of spas offering aromatherapy — they may have higher levels of harmful indoor air.

1 in 4 Brits suffer sore neck or back due to gadget use

Experts have claimed that obsession with latest gadgets like smartphone, laptop, and eReader are wreaking.

Harnessing amazing power of mind can help beat illnesses

Scientists are turning to the amazing power of the mind to fight against many diseases

The Catholic experiment to make yoga popular

Efforts to take yoga to the masses is nothing new. But they remain largely restricted.

Asians, Europeans need different doses for same condition

Dietary and lifestyle differences may explain why South Asians and Europeans require different doses of.

Twitter a tool to map epidemics

Marcel Salathe turned to Twitter to conduct a unique analysis of how the popular mircroblogging.

British nurses are too busy even for patients!

As a patient one thing that any of us may like to be assured of.

Thousands die due to poor British healthcare system

Thousands of individuals in Britain are dying every year from treatable conditions at the hands.

Husbands a ‘nightmare’ for wives once they get sick, finds survey.

A new survey has found that women think their spouse is very annoying or a.

Stressed-out employees ‘may exercise more and work less’

A new study has found that employees who exercise to manage high job stress may.