Want to be happy? Be extrovert

If happiness is what you are seeking, just be yourself – call an old friend.

Forget moms, young dads face depression too

Are you a young dad? Watch out for depression especially in the first year of.

Dodge that cough cloud entering your nose!

Travelling inside a crowed Metro or a jam-packed public transport bus? Make sure that you.

Simple preventive steps can control vector-borne diseases

Simple preventive measures like improving access to safe drinking water, proper sanitation facilities and checking.

A junk food diet makes you indisciplined for sure

Does diet has a connection with discipline in your life? Yes. A junk food diet.

Recommended low salt intake harmful for health: Study

Beware! Your average daily salt intake as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and.

Hearing loss affects personality among elderly

Hearing loss among old people leaves a deep impact in their personality as well, research.

Time to put a check on health apps: Experts

In view of the rising abundance of mobile health apps, a team of scientists have.

Know how body clock resembles orchestra

If you change your work shift and sleeping hours, you disturb the body clock and.

‘WhatsAppitis’ is a real disease: Lancet

What if you are told that excessive chatting or texting on ‘WhatsApp’ messenger service can.