Older pedestrians `unable to cross road in time`

In a new study, researchers have compared the walking speed of the older population in.

Facebook obsessed generation shuns apprenticeships

Valuable apprenticeships have been reduced to begging because teenagers are too obsessed with Facebook and.

Chinese eat much more salt than WHO recommends

China National Salt Industry Corporation (CNSIC), the country”s biggest salt producer, on Tuesday launched a.

Sperms fight their way to female egg

A mass of sperms fight their way through the female reproductive tract to fertilise a.

Female bosses ‘more tolerant’ towards workers’ need of work-life balance

Female bosses are more tolerant of employees doing personal chores during work hours as compared.

Debate over caffeine’s ability to enhance exercise performance continues

Experts have once again come together to debate whether caffeine, which is regarded by some.

Hairy limbs better at fending off bed bugs

Hairier skin may be the key to avoid being bitten by bed bugs, a new.

Now, smart cushioning to prevent bedsores, postural defects

Scientists have now developed a smart cushioning sensor mat that will do away with the.

Now, ‘sound perfume’ to help make perfect first impression!

A system of smells and sounds will now help in creating a unique and everlasting.

Brisk walk cuts chocolate consumption by half

A brisk 15-minute walk seems to be the easiest way to cut down chocolate consumption.