Flexible workplaces promote better health and well-being

Flexible workplaces improve employees’ health and well-being, including an increase in the amount and quality.

Getting a morning-after pill now like ‘ordering a pizza’

Getting a morning-after pill in Britain is now as easy as ordering a pizza, thanks.

9 in 10 people willing to kill one person to save five, study finds

Participants in an experiment preferred to kill one person if it would save the lives.

Obama announces more resources for AIDS fight

President Barack Obama Thursday renewed the US government’s commitment to the worldwide fight against AIDS.

Swearing can help you ease pain of injury

Scientists from Keele University have found that swearing after hurting yourself can help numb the.

Why an apple a day can keep the doctor away

Antioxidants found in apple peels may lead to new treatments and therapies for people suffering.

How shed retreats can help men live longer

Retreating at a humble garden shed may help men live longer, health experts say. A.

British hospitals waste money importing food from China

Hospitals across Britain are wasting millions of pounds by importing food from Thailand and China.

Public bathrooms ‘home to plethora of bacteria’

In a recent study, researchers have revealed that a plethora of bacteria are all around.

Excess intake of Paracetamol could take away life

Heavy dose of paracetamol or combination remedies containing the drug to combat cold and flu.