South Asian patients 3 times likelier to repeat angioplasty than White Europeans

A new study led by an Indian origin scientist has found that South Asian patients.

Living in a city makes you fat, infertile, depressed

Babies born in cities face a number of health problems, as more and more people.

40,000 Zimbabwean men circumcised in a year

More than 40,000 Zimbabwean men have been circumcised so far since the programme began in.

Partying, drinking and work prompts students to smoke

Partying, drinking and work prompt college students to recall their smoking experience, a new study.

People living alone under age 65 more likely to die early

A study claimed that people who live alone under the age 65 could be at.

TV viewing poses greater risk for heart disease than computer use

A recent study has revealed that different kinds of sedentary activities may have different consequences.

Supplement use leads users to lazy, riskier behaviours

Taking multivitamins promotes a false sense of invulnerability that actually leads its users to engage.

Airport body scanners banned by EU over cancer fears

The European Union has banned the controversial airport body scanners over fears the X-ray technology.

British doctors want ban on smoking in cars

Doctors in Britain have called for a ban on smoking in cars, claiming it exposes.

Popping too many pills ruins bedroom performance

The habit of popping several pills daily could hit your bedroom performance and send it.