$34 smartphone dongle that can detect HIV, syphilis in 15 mins

A team of researchers has developed a low-cost smartphone accessory that can perform a “point-of-care”.

Why humans are affected less by retroviral infections

Retroviruses have merged with our DNA, and researchers can use them to better understand evolution.

HIV may stay hidden in ‘quiet’ immune cells

In what could lead to a cure for HIV, researchers have found that the human.

HIV Patients in Deep South Have Lower Survival Rates

The southern U.S. had the nation’s lowest five-year survival rate among those diagnosed with HIV.

enterovirus D68
Compound to combat respiratory virus identified

A class of anti-viral compounds has shown promise in combating a virus linked to respiratory.

Social media and behavioural psychology can help fight AIDS

Social media could be a valuable component in the fight against the human immunodeficiency virus.

Researchers identify new components of viral infection

In order to infect a host cell and proliferate, some viruses, such as the hepatitis.

UN chief calls for joint efforts to end AIDS by 2030

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Monday called on world leaders to work together to end.

Scientists identify novel mechanisms that alter the protein coding capacities of Ebola virus

A team of researchers identifies novel mechanisms that alter the protein coding capacities of Ebola.

HIV virus rebound in ‘Mississippi Baby’ dashes hope

In a major blow to the scientific community, the HIV virus that was once vanquished.