Human trials under way for new HIV vaccine

The first human trials for the new HIV injectible vaccine are under way, containing a.

`Lock and key` that allow HIV to enter cell’s nucleus discovered

Scientists have unearthed the ‘lock and key’ that facilitates HIV to enter cell’s nucleus, disable.

Soon, spam filters to tackle HIV

The inventor of Microsoft’s spam filter believes that the principle behind keeping spam out of.

Chinese Premier vows to implement measures to help AIDS patients

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has vowed to implement new measures to help citizens living with.

Green tea flavonoid helps prevent hepatitis C virus from entering liver

A flavonoid found in green tea inhibits the hepatitis C virus (HVC) from entering the.

Dip in AIDS deaths: UN report (Dec 1 is World AIDS Day)

The number of people dying due to HIV-AIDS has declined by nearly 0.4 million in.

AIDS on the downswing in Brazil, but 630,000 still sick

The mortality rate from AIDS in Brazil fell from 7.6 per 100,000 suffering from the.

How antibody disarms HIV virus by using its sugar cloak

A new study has shed light on how one broadly neutralizing HIV antibody actually uses.

Discovery on measles could spur less toxic cancer cure

A new discovery about the measles virus, arguably the most virulent pathogen which afflicts 10.

Powerful HIV Inhibitor makes virus mutation ‘nearly impossible’

US scientists have created an inhibitor using a combination of two drugs to help prevent.