HIV vaccine being tested in Spain

A team of Spanish researchers has developed a prototype of a vaccine against the AIDS-causing.

New compound kills several viruses, including deadly Spanish flu

UT Southwestern Medical Center investigators have tested a compound that destroys several viruses, including the.

New compound destroys deadly flu virus

A new compound destroys several viruses, including the one that triggered the deadly Spanish flu,.

Scientists find new ‘sugary solution’ to prevent sexual transmission of HIV

University of Utah researchers have come closer toward a new treatment to prevent sexual transmission.

Sharks ‘to protect us from dengue, yellow fever, and hepatitis’

Scientists have found that a compound initially isolated from sharks could be used as a.

China spent $18 mn on HIV research in 2010

China invested $18 million in HIV vaccine research in 2010, becoming the third largest contributor.

Discovery of two ‘Achilles’ heels’ in hepatitis C virus opens avenues for vaccine

The discovery of two ‘Achilles’ heels’ within the potentially fatal hepatitis C virus (HCV) has.

Now, genetically modified viruses join fight to destroy cancer cells

Viruses that have been genetically modified are the latest weapons to join the fight to.

Fruit fly bacteria can stop mosquitoes from transmitting dengue virus

A bacteria, which is commonly found in fruit flies, can prevent the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

How Ebola virus gains entry into cells and transmits deadly infection

An Indian-origin researcher and his colleagues have identified a cellular protein that plays a critical.