Pakistan’s general population under increasing risk of HIV epidemic

An international team of researchers has found that rates of HIV have increased in Pakistan’s.

Scientists mimic ways viruses infect human cells

Scientists at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have mimicked the mechanisms by which viruses infect

Soon, a revolutionary pill to cure any viruses like common cold, flu and HIV

Scientists are developing a new drug, which is showing great potential to revolutionize the world.

Single drug may fight HIV, multiple viral ailments

Scientists may have stumbled on a panacea that has eluded humankind for eons — one.

US AIDS cases stable at 50,000 per year

The number of new AIDS cases in the US remained stable at about 50,000 per.

Viral? Take precautions, say doctors

Cough, runny nose and fever. Delhi’s hospitals are teeming with patients complaining of these symptoms.

Scientists on trail of West Nile Virus

Scientists are now one step closer in solving the mystery of how the West Nile.

Israeli researchers track deadly virus

Unsure as to how a virus — transmitted from birds to humans by blood-sucking mosquitoes.

Combination strategies help get rid of Asian tiger mosquitoes

In an experimental research, a combination of mosquito eradication strategies was found to reduce the.

‘Sex between flu strains can create new influenza pandemic’

A new study has found that ”sex” between the virus responsible for the 2009 flu.