New means of overcoming antiviral resistance in influenza found

A study has found a new approach to the creation of customized therapies for virulent.

Monkeys’ SIV-survival secrets may harbour human AIDS cure

Scientists have finally identified the secret that helps Sooty mangabeys, a type of African monkey,.

First 3D herpes infection model promises new treatment for cold sores

A 3D herpes infection model has been developed – raising hope for development of effective.

Virus causes hearing loss among newborns

A viral infection that causes hearing loss and intellectual disability in newborn babies is greatly.

Humanized BLT mice show promise in preventing HIV/AIDS

The global AIDS epidemic continues to grow, highlighting the need for safe, inexpensive and effective.

Monkey jab may open way for HIV vaccine

A potential vaccine for non-human primates may eventually open the way for a vaccine against.

Infectious virus hits New Zealand

An outbreak of a highly infectious virus has affected nearly 300 people in New Zealand’s.

Cellular protein that acts as receptor for Ebola virus identified

A team of scientists has identified a cellular protein that acts as a receptor for.

Novel approach shows great potential in reducing mortality from flu

A new approach by researchers has shown ‘great potential to reduce the morbidity and mortality.

Protein mechanism that prevents HIV from multiplying identified

Researchers have identified the mechanism used by a protein that prevents HI virus from multiplying.