Giving birth after 30 may lower risk of endometrial cancer

Women who last give birth at age 40 or older have a 44 percent decreased.

Women eating lunch out regularly lose fewer pounds

Women who eat their midday meal out really do lose less weight as compared to.

Moderate drinking may help protect women against brittle bones

Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol as part of a healthy lifestyle may benefit women’s.

Infertility may cause mental disorders in women

Women who struggle with infertility but never go on to have children are likely to.

Freezing all embryos for later transfer may help improve IVF outcomes

A new study has indicated that the chance of a clinical pregnancy through IVF is.

Menopause could be delayed indefinitely with ovary transplant

Women could remain fertile indefinitely after successful ovarian transplants lead to births and delay the.

Single embryo transfer cuts risk of perinatal mortality in IVF

A policy of single embryo transfer (SET) reduces the risk of perinatal mortality in infants.

Smoking increases risk of ectopic pregnancy

Cigarette smoking reduces the production of a Fallopian tube gene known as “BAD,” increasing the.

Stress during pregnancy can negatively affect newborns’ health

Expectant mothers who dealt with the strain of a hurricane or major tropical storm passing.

Exercise may help curb menopausal hot flashes

Health researchers say menopausal women who exercise may experience fewer hot flashes in the 24.