IVF may up breast cancer risk in younger women

Opting for IVF treatment early in adulthood dramatically increases a woman’s chance of developing breast.

Why women need reading glasses so early?

Women end up requiring reading glasses early on because they hold books and other reading.

Baby’s cancer removed while in mother’s womb

An unborn baby girl in the US was detected with an extremely rare cancerous tumour.

Women above 50 `as likely to suffer from eating disorders as teens’

Women over 50 are as likely to suffer from eating disorders like bulimia as are.

PIP breast implants pose no significant long-term health risk for women

The gel materials used in PIP breast implant are not toxic or carciogenic and do.

Lose weight post-pregnancy – but don’t rush it

Gaining weight after pregnancy is natural. Then why fuss over Aishwarya Rai’s extra pounds, ask.

Post-menopause, women more vulnerable to heart attacks

Women tend to suffer less from cardiovascular disease than men, but this difference becomes less.

Breast implant ‘swallowed’ by US woman’s body

One of the breast implants of a woman in the US was ‘swallowed’ by her.

All pregnant women ‘must’ take Vitamin D

A coroner in London has called for all pregnant and breastfeeding women to take vitamin.

Binge drinking puts freshman women at high risk of sexual assault

Young women who take up binge drinking during early college years may be at a.