‘Abortion does not raise risk of mental illness’, say experts

Abortion does not raise the risk of a woman suffering mental health problems, health experts.

Nuns should take contraceptive pills, say docs

Two Australian doctors have suggested that Catholic nuns be given contraceptive pills

Rotating shift work ups diabetes risk in women

Working women, who are subjected to rotating schedules, comprising of three or more night shifts.

Fruit, veggie-rich diet reduces stroke risk in women

Eating an antioxidant-rich diet reduces the risk of stroke in women regardless of whether they.

Women with coronary plaque at higher cardiovascular risk than men

Women with large amounts of plaque build-up and extensive thickening of the artery walls are.

Chocolate ads featuring slim models make women feel guilty

Chocolate advertisements showing slim, deliberately sexy models will actually put female buyers off, a new.

4 or more babies could prevent heart disease in women

Mothers who have four or more children are one third less likely to die from.

Jolie’s ‘600 calorie a day diet’ a ‘prescription for disaster,’ says expert

Angelina Jolie is reportedly eating just 600 calories a day, and an expert has claimed.

China to enhance maternity benefits for women

Women workers in China are likely to get better maternity benefits following new regulations being.

Young girls ‘exposed to cyber bullying 24 hours a day’

Social networking sites make young girls vulnerable to bullying 24 hours a day, according to.