Obese mums-to-be likelier to have overweight babies

Obese mothers develop a weight-regulating hormone defect that causes their children also to become overweight,.

Mums-to-be with history of high BP at depression risk

Women who have a history of high blood pressure before getting pregnant are more likely.

Meditation can help improve women’s sex lives

Women who are able to train their thoughts while love-making, experience more pleasure between the.

Mums-to-be ‘exposed to environmental pollutants’ give birth to larger babies

Pregnant women living in large cities are more likely to give birth to higher weight.

Hysterectomy ups risk for early menopause in younger women

Duke University researchers have found that younger women who undergo hysterectomies face a nearly two-fold.

2 sugary drinks a day can boost heart disease, diabetes risk in women

A new study has found that drinking two or more sugar-sweetened beverages a day may.

Women linked to drug abuse at depression risk

Women linked to drug abuse in any form — as partners of drug abusers or.

Smiling makes women look younger

A study has shown that women can seem younger just by smiling and looking happy

1 in 4 women suffer from ‘Same Dress Syndrome’

: One in four women admit to having suffered from Same Dress Syndrome, a new.

Cervical cancer rates rising among young women

A new study has found that more and more women in their 20s are being.