Evolutionary clues to leading cause of death during childbirth identified

Atypical features of human placenta may cause loss of blood at delivery, leading to maternal.

Facial hair growth suggests excessive male hormone

Excessive hair growth on a woman’s chin and abdomen can safely tell the doctor whether.

Women wearing skirts at workplace ‘more successful’

Women who wear skirts in the workplace are more likely to make a good impression.

Birth control shot Depo Provera may impair memory

The birth control shot Depo Provera offers a convenient alternative for a woman who doesn’t.

Poor sleep in early pregnancy ups risk of preterm births

Women who have poor sleep quality in both early and late pregnancy have an increased.

Age, BMI can predict gestational diabetes in South Asians

Age and body mass index (BMI) may predict the probability of developing gestational diabetes, especially.

Chinese woman caught, sterilised after second child

A woman in China was caught and forced to undergo sterilisation surgery after she gave.

Contraception pills hamper orgasm in women

Newer forms of hormonal contraception hampers arousal, lubrication and orgasm despite its family planning benefits.

‘Muffin top’ waistline puts women at risk of cancer and fuels its growth

Women with a bulging “muffin top” waistline are not only at greater risk of cancer,.

Women with feminine looks more likely to long for lots of kids

Just looking at the features of a woman can reveal whether she is broody or.