Latest evidence for ‘elusive’ ‘God Particle’ may provide strongest hints yet

The search for the elusive ‘God Particle’ may be nearing its end as scientists are all set to announce the latest evidence about the massive elementary particle, which may provide the strongest hints yet about its existence.

At a special meeting at the CERN laboratory near Geneva in Switzerland, scientists from the two main experiments targeting the Higgs boson will disclose their latest findings, the Telegraph reported.

Although the scientists may probably not be declaring conclusive evidence of whether or not the particle exists, their data could be strong enough to make a confident guess one way or the other.

Both the teams, including British experts, will not be comparing their results beforehand to avert biasing their interpretation of own data.

The Higgs boson is a theoretical particle, which according to the scientists, gives mass to everything in the universe, and is a major component of the Standard Model of physics.

Dr Alan Barr, of Oxford University, the Physics Coordinator for the ATLAS UK collaboration, has asserted that the meeting will apparently produce an intermediate result rather than conclusive evidence, but there ‘could be some surprises’.

“It is anticipated there may be some interest in this because we collected five times more data this year than we anticipated. This is enough to give pointers of what is happening – whether there is a Higgs boson, there is no Higgs boson, or there is something completely different, and even more interesting,” Dr Barr said.

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