Healthy nose promotes long, loving relationship

A healthy nose ensures a happy, enduring relationship, says a study based on

Swiss Assisted Suicide Laws Do Not Necessarily Promote Desire for Death

A study published in Frontiers in Psychology for Clinical Settings shows

‘Lifestyle deepens diabetes problem in India, China’

India and China will continue to have the largest number of diabetics in the world.

Eating 40 pc less secret to living longer

A group of scientists is studying genetics and lifestyle factors, particularly diet, to develop treatments.

Handwriting dying a slow death

The art of handwriting seems to be dying a slow but sure death, thanks to.

Travellers care more about losing phone than wedding ring

Losing a smartphone can prove to be more distressing to most travellers than losing their.

Building character skills key to improved education

A programme aimed at building social, emotional and character skills also significantly improves

Half of us haunted by ‘unfulfilled’ career ambitions

A new study has revealed that almost half of workers regret not following their childhood.

Rely on your gut feeling

We tend to make decisions based on our gut feeling rather than logic and some.

Coming soon: jeans that clean themselves in sunlight!

Wouldn’t it be surreal if your jeans, sweats or socks clean and de-odorise themselves when.