Soon, ‘bromance’ app to help ‘lonely’ men bond with likeminded dudes

A new application, dubbed ‘bromance’, which will help likeminded ‘straight’ men to bond with each.

Now, bring freshly cut lawn into your living room and grow potatoes on sofa

City dwellers can now have a garden full of real grasses into their living room.

‘Transparent’ transsexuals find greater job satisfaction

Transsexual individuals who are open about their gender identity at their workplace are more likely.

Exercise best medicine for chronic disease

Fitness is the best medicine to prevent and manage chronic disease, a leading cause of.

Busy lifestyles making us forget five things every day!

Busy lifestyles and hectic schedules are taking such a toll on the mental health of.

Winter blues? Go for light therapy!

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) kicks in as soon as days turn shorter during winter with.

Facial cues can be misinterpreted in different cultures

Facial expressions, perceived as the ‘universal language of emotions’, can lead to misinterpretation as they

Level of tiffs between spouses remains same over years

Tiffs with your spouse stay at the same levels — for your entire marriage.

Beautiful people are more selfish: Study

People with beautiful, symmetrical faces are more selfish than the average guy and tend to.

People with symmetrical faces more likely to be ‘naturally selfish’

A new study has suggested that people blessed with more symmetrical facial features, which are