Pursuit of happiness can backfire

Being happy is good but pursuing happiness too much can backfire, warns a latest study.

Muslim extremists deface bikini ad in UK

An advertisement featuring a bikini model in Birmingham has been blacked out with spray paint.

More than 20 percent of atheist scientists are spiritual: Study

A new study by Rice University has indicated that more than 20 percent of atheist.

Study finds disconnect between health and behavior in young adults

A new survey has found that eight out of 10 people between ages 25-44 years.

Why people tend to marry partners of similar education levels? Ask movie stars!

Marriages between movie stars may help explain the reasons why people marry partners with similar.

Meet friends, attend parties to keep brain healthy

An easy way to keep your brain healthy and sharp is to meet friends, attend.

Happy people go for candies

Happy people are more likely to eat candy bars and hopeful ones choose fruit.

People more generous, sociable in green surroundings

A walk in a park is more than just a nice way to spend an.

Our beliefs shape our learning: Study

If something is easy to learn, then it will be just as easy to remember.

Seniors more productive than their juniors

Senior employees may be frail or less agile than their juniors, but they more than.