More men in US undergoing plastic surgery to ‘look good’

A new statistics have revealed more men are going under the knife to look good.

Sex trade on social network sites on the rise in UAE

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are frequently being used by escort services.

Being jobless no better than having a bad job!

A new study has found that the impact on mental health of a badly paid,.

Ten things women hate about men

Be it a wet towel on the bed or making disparaging comments about your TV.

Too much choice will leave you lonely: Study

British Scientists have found that the more options you have for choosing a lover, the.

People lie more online than in face-to-face chats

A person more is likely to lie on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Top 10 habits of women that annoy men the most

Her hair blocks the shower drain every now and then, she would always crib how.

Want to know if your mate will cheat? Listen to their voice

Want to find out if your partner will cheat on you? Listen to the pitch.

Want your relationship to last? Don’t date a beautiful girl

Is your ladylove better looking than you? Well, then chances are your relationship won’t last,.

Is joyful parenthood overrated?

Raising a child is emotionally and intellectually draining, and often requires professional sacrifice,