Meet Ecco – the space-age campervan that opens like a Swiss army knife

Design experts in Switzerland have unveiled plans of a futuristic campervan that doubles in size by flipping open like a Swiss army knife.

The 15ft-long electric vehicle, which is set to go on sale in 2014, can sleep up to five people and boasts a kitchen, bathroom and lounge area.

With a nod to the magical foldaway style of the Swiss Army knife, the walls of each room are collapsible and the seats fold down to create extra room.

Called the Ecco, it is also a very green vehicle, producing zero emissions, while it is topped with a solar panelled roof to charge a battery, which requires eight hours of power for 24hours of use.

Space is the main theme, in design and concept, so passengers enter the vehicle from the rear by a huge stairway that folds into the ceiling.

NAU, the company behind Ecco say that they were inspired by the VW campervan and the Airstream.

It hopes the futuristic vehicle will prove as iconic as the VW campervan.

“We want to bring the freedom of the road back to generations of the future,” quoted a NAU spokesperson as saying.

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