Moderate drinking can cut asthma risk

Drinking not more than six units of alcohol a week can cut the risk of asthma.

Researchers from Bispebjerg Hospital in Denmark led by Sofie Lieberoth examined 19,349 twins aged between 12 and 41 years.

All participants completed a questionnaire at the start and end of the study to compare alcohol intake with the risk of developing asthma over eight years.

The results showed that the lowest risk of asthma was seen in the group which drank moderately — between one and six units of alcohol per week, according to a Bispebjerg Hospital statement.

The highest risk of asthma was observed in those who drank rarely or never, as they were 1.4-times more likely to develop the condition.

Heavy drinkers also had an increased risk of asthma development and were 1.2-times more likely to develop asthma.

Lieberoth said: “While excessive alcohol intake can cause health problems, the findings of our study suggest that a moderate intake of 1-6 units can reduce the risk of developing asthma.

“By examining all the factors linked with the development of asthma, we can understand more about what causes the condition and how to prevent it.”

The study was presented at the European Respiratory Society’s Annual Congress in Amsterdam on Sunday.

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