Moscow to patrol forests with UAVs

Moscow’s Forest and Environment Protection Department will use unmanned air vehicles (UAV) systems to patrol the forested areas in the city boundaries, according to a spokesman.

“Moscow will use UAVs for patrolling the forests and detecting fires in the forest belt around the city,” the spokesman said.

The department will use the small day-night capable ZALA421 – 04M system, which has a wing span of just 1.6 metres, weighing just 4.8 kg and can fly for 90 minutes.

“The system uses videocamera or photo imagery. The system also uses a mobile ground station and two UAVs,” he said.

Navigation for the UAVs uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. The UAVs have a top speed of 42 miles per hour, which is optimal for high image quality, he added.

The aircraft use electric motors and are eco-friendly, he said. (IANS/RIA NOVOSTI)

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