New site scans friends’ Facebook ‘likes’ to give you gift ideas

A new website browses through your friends’ Facebook ‘likes’ and suggests gift ideas based on their preferences.

Gift site Etsy offers lazy present-buyers a hi-tech way out of deciding what to buy that ‘difficult’ family member for Christmas.

Simply scroll down to the site’s ‘Gift Ideas’ section, and if you’re logged in to Facebook, it will analyse all your friends’ interests and instantly recommend gifts for them, by area of interest, the Daily Mail reported.

You have to agree to ‘add’ an Etsy app first – but, understandably, the app doesn’t post to your Facebook timeline so people don’t know you’re shopping for them.

The site describes the function as ‘smart recommendations based on your friends’ Facebook interests’.

The site loads up a grid with friends’ photos, and then lists their likes – and suggests appropriate gifts underneath.

However, Facebook users who’ve failed to ‘like’ enough things tend to be recommended generalized gifts one might buy for someone who you didn’t know terribly well.

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