New yeasts open door for tastier light beers

Good news for calorie conscious beer lovers—new yeast products are being developed that could lead to better tasting light beer.

Light beer fails to satiate drinkers because it doesn’t taste as good as the real one.

And even though beer has been linked to healthy bones, the 150 calories on average in each non-light beer isn”t helping your waste line.

But now, European Union has invested 3.4 million Euros in a yeast research program to develop new products for the food industry, according to a report from Gizmag.

Beer gets much of its taste from yeast, as do many other foods like cheese and sausage.

Already, about 1,000 species of yeasts have been identified, but it is expected that at least 10,000 new species would be identified in the near future, thanks in part to the EU”s study.

The purpose of the EU”s program is to produce healthier yeasts that also taste better, reports Discovery News.

That means light beers could have as much flavour as their full-caloried brethren.

The only bad news is that the yeast project will begin next January, and go on for another four years.

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