Now, any smart phone can be a robot!

Scientists have now come up with a new concept, which allows a robot to use smart phone as its brain.

The powerful robot called ‘Romo’, developed by the folks at Romotive, is based on a quite simple concept.

You just need to put a wheeled chassis on a smart phone or iPod Touch that allows for using the device as the ‘brain’.

Since the controls are contained entirely within the phone, they can be downloaded as apps, Discovery News reported.

One can even add new physical capabilities to Romo, such as a claw, or a scoop but that does not require any new additions to the phone.

Also, the controls are through the headphone jack, which apparently simplifies the design and means that the robot can be linked with several brands of smart phone.

Romotive turned to Kickstarter to raise money, and had planned to raise 32,000 dollars.

The founders of Romotive, Peter Seid and Phu Nguyen, have come up with a few applications.

At this point they just have a racing game and you can program your Romo to carry an iPhone around as a kind of spying tool.

On their site they ask both software and hardware hackers to come up with more software and share their findings with others.

Keller Rinaudo, CEO of Robomotive, told Discovery blogger Eric Rogell that while the Romo does not yet have many specific tasks in mind but that could change fast, just as it happened with personal computers.

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