Now, Botox to treat urinary incontinence

Botox, best known as an anti-wrinkle drug, has found a new purpose – treating patients with urinary incontinence.

European regulators has given the green light for the “face freezer” to be injected into overactive bladders.

Maker Allergan claims the jab can change the lives of spinal injury and multiple sclerosis patients who suffer from incontinence.

The company says a single injection can provide “significant relief” for up to a year.

“It just amazes me how Botox can be used in so many different ways. It”s what makes me want to go to work each morning,” Chief executive Doug Ingram told The Sun.

In its new form the drug will be injected into a patient”s bladder to relax the “detrusor” muscle.

Clinical tests showed Botox led to a sharp reduction in “distressing” episodes of incontinence. The new treatment is now expected to be offered in Britain and 13 other European countries later this year.

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