Now, bring freshly cut lawn into your living room and grow potatoes on sofa

City dwellers can now have a garden full of real grasses into their living room even in a high rise flat and grow potatoes on their sofa.

A German-born designer has created a living carpet and a sofa that incorporates a planter for potatoes.

The living rug will provide freshly cut lawn into living room as long as we remember to water it.

But the garden rug, created by designer Pia Wustenberg, isn’t for those who are short of funds as growing it could cost up to 1,000 pounds.

The living carpet begin life as a soft grey pillow – then as the seedlings begin to take hold, the grass grows through in a specially chosen design – curling flowers or spirals and, as her website says, bringing “the qualities of a living organism to an inanimate object.”

“I love the hustle and bustle of the inner city, but I really miss having a garden to sit in and care for,” the Daily Mail quoted Wustenberg, who is now based in London, as saying.

“That’s how I got the idea for the garden rug. Moss and grass seeds are carefully sewn into the lining of the rug, and then you just need to water it – and you can have the great outdoors, indoors.

“The rugs are made from alpaca fibre, which is soft, but encourages the moss to grow. It takes a lot of time and effort to stitch the moss onto the rug – and a full-size rug takes about 3 full days to make, and costs about 1,000 pounds,” she explained.

As for Wustenberg’s sofa, it will yield over 3kg of spuds over the course of just one harvest.

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