Now check your ‘shortmails’ on Twitter but only up to 500 characters!

A new email programme called ‘Shortmail’ and dubbed as ‘Twitter for email’ will now scale down the communication overload by restricting messages to 500 characters.

The programme also aims to make some conversations more public and therefore more social.

“Shortmail is a new way to communicate. Yes, it””s length-limited to 500 characters. But it””s also social – linked to your Twitter account. Over time, we want to make email much more social and more efficient,” the Telegraph quoted founder and entrepreneur Dave Troy as explaining to its new members.

The programme is destined to deliver only those messages that are within the character limit and prompt users to shorten them before sending if they go beyond limit.

“[The] length limit on messages is long enough to express most coherent points or ask a colleague a question, while filtering out much spam, newsletters, promotions, and dissertations,” said developers 410 Labs.

“Thus your Shortmail inbox becomes the place for the to-the-point messages in sizes and quantity you can digest and respond to quickly,” they added.

Shortmail not only uses Twitter handles to help people claim their addresses but also gives them access to a website with a basic interface to contact other users.

Messages can be delivered both privately and publicly, just like Twitter.

“Email has become overwhelming for many people, to the point of being nearly unusable. Shortmail is designed to make email easy and usable again,” added Troy.

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