Now, iPhone app to give outfit advice based on weather

A new iPhone application gives customised outfit advice from one’s own wardrobe, based on the weather forecast for the day.

Cloth helps picky fashionistas photograph and catalogue different outfits from their wardrobe.

The most notable aspect of Cloth, however, is its ability to show you options of the best outfits in your image archive based on the temperature outside.

The makers of Cloth teamed up with Wunderground, a weather Web site, and released the new software update that adds weather data to each outfit, the Daily Mail reported.

To use it, you take a photo of yourself after you have pieced together an outfit, and then the app will automatically tag the picture with the current temperature.

The next time you are stuck for ideas, or debating pants or a skirt, you can select the weather tab, and it will display the best outfits to wear under that day’s weather conditions.

Generalised into sections like rainy, warm, freezing or hot, when those same conditions come up again, you can pull up combinations from your closet.

The app also tags outfits into categories, such as evening, work or vacation – finally taking all the guess work out of deciding if it will be too warm to wear that long-sleeve dress to a party later that evening.

Seth Porges, the app’s co-creator and a former Maxim editor, said that the app was inspired by his girlfriend, Wray Serna.

He told the New York Times that occasionally she would take a picture of herself whenever she put on a good outfit so that she could remember it, but the images would be scattered throughout her iPhone’s photo album.

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“A light bulb went off and I realized that there’s got to be a better way to find and organize outfits,” he told Wired.

“The app’s been incredibly useful since New York’s weather has been so topsy turvy lately. It’ll be 50 degrees one day and 80 the next,” he said.

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