Now, memory stick that doesn”t leave trace of browsing history

There are times when people need to use a computer – and not leave a trace.

Now, a clever piece of software lets one carry their own personal PC, which can easily be carried inside the pocket – and once the person has finished using it, no one will ever know.

Technically, the personal PC that people would be carrying is not a whole computer – instead it is a simple USB memory stick.

But within it is a full operating system (like Windows), and when you plug it into a PC, that computer will restart into your own personal set-up, called Tails.

When you have finished, simply shut down the computer, put the USB stick back in the pocket, and the PC will never know that it has been used, the Daily Mail reported.

As everything the user does is contained within Tails, the software on a stick, not a single trace is left on the original PC.

That means no cookies of websites browsed, no chance of documents being left in a recycle bin.

There are a few steps to install the set-up, but the main skills needed include an ability to download files off the web, and the ability to burn a DVD disc, which is the simpler method, or for advanced users, the files can be placed onto a ”bootable” USB stick.

If one can manage those steps, MSN provides a step-by-step guide to the process.

As with any technology, there are both good and bad sides to the idea.

Critics say that this may allow people to carry out illegal activities in secrecy – indeed, even technically on other PCs, whereas privacy advocates will laud the idea of being able to work in complete secrecy.

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Naturally, using anything on the web will leave a trace somewhere. If you use Google to search for something, Google will have a record on their end.

But with Tails, at least on your end of the connection, you can feel secure that no-one will be able to check your documents or follow your movements when your PC is either turned on in front of you, or squirreled away in your pocket.

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