Mayan people would have loved online world: Study

As we have moved over the Maya calendar that interpreted the world’s end in 2012,.

Shrimp-inspired material to make airplanes stronger

Would you believe that tiny crustacean shrimps are more powerful than the material used in.

Chili pepper farming originated in Mexico

Farming of chili peppers, the most widely cultivated spice crop that have conquered cuisines around.

India-headed Malaysian plane returns after technical glitch

A Malaysian plane heading for India’s Bangalore city with 166 people on board had to.

What happened to this Egyptian mummy’s heart?

An ancient Egyptian mummy – found with an intact brain but no heart – has.

Bubonic plague spread via humans?

Contrary to common belief, archaeologists and forensic scientists in Britain have claimed that the actual.

New Excavations Indicate Use of Fertilisers 5,000 Years Ago

Researchers from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, have spent many years studying the remains of.

Archaeologists discovered world’s oldest harbor, hieroglyphic papyri

A team of archaeologists in Egypt has unearthed what are believed to be the world’s.

Easter Island’s statues `may have walked into place`

Easter Island’s massive stone statues once walked, according to a controversial new theory

1,300-year-old tomb found in Mexico

Mexican archaeologists discovered the tomb of a person who